Carlos Gonzalez - Antenna to God

Antenna to God is the rare kind of home video that Random Man Editions was created to release. In this fuzzed-out noiresque slowburner a chiropractor with special abilities promises a journalist with a "curious gait" a painless and elevated new life through obscure healing techniques. Shot on video and edited entirely on VCR, the slightly delayed cuts warp time and complement the slow, eerie dialogue stuttered by the movie's few actors. Fading colors spill into blurred shapes while textures buzz grainier than a suppressed memory. A raw egg is fed to a drawing of a bunny. The qualities inherent to VHS are thoroughly milked yet thoughtfully serve this delirious but taut narrative.

Originally self-released by Carlos in an edition of 50, which immediately sold out while touring this video.  


Edition of 40 VHS / 40 DVD
123 Mins.
September 2020