Poncili Creación - Free Transform

"We view the world, life, reality as a rewritable code. We focus on objects and movement as these are the two most important pillars in which the universe and civilization are based. And thus are perfect tools to hack reality. Our aesthetic focuses in the bonding of ugliness and beauty. Roughly carved objects made of polyurethane foam and other materials scavenged among the trash this is complimented with crafted mechanisms and shocking colors providing a very catchy imagery. We want people to feel they can do it themselves while at the same time being amazed by what they are seeing. Our artistic process is an explorations on how we can impact/alter our life, others and reality throughout our undersranding of objects and movement and the application of that understanding. For this reason we have never limited ourselves to scenes or specific locations if not that we have presented our work in puppetry festivals, galleries, museums, schools, bars, art fairs, music festivals and bathrooms."


Experimental comic book and photographic documentation of Puerto Rico-based performance art collective Poncili Creación.

Edited by @hi_leebaby

24 pages
6.6" x 10"
Full color / Saddle-stitched
Edition of 200
November 2019

Digitally printed on satin paper. 
Includes poster