Jessica Baldanza - I Apologize


Boy 1: *crying* *hiccupping*

Dr. Phil: Do you care that this is painful for him?

Boy 2: Why would I care?

Dr. Phil: Because he’s experiencing pain when he talks about it.

Boy 2: I-I’m experiencing pain.

Dr. Phil: Well I didn’t ask about you, I asked about him.

Boy 2: Ok. Uhm.. I dunno.

Dr. Phil: Do you wish he was happy and self-confident, instead of vulnerable and painful?

Boy 2: Yeah, I wish he was confident about himself and wasn’t so jealous of my friends. Doesn’t matter how many friends I have and how many friends you have –

Boy 1: I’m not jealous of your friends. It pisses me off when people tell me that ‘cuz I’m not.

Boy 2: Ok.

Boy 1: I have my own. I don’t only have one friend. I have one friend that I enjoy to go over to his house. The rest of them I hate, I don’t like people.

Boy 2: So you disrespect my friends?

Boy 1: I don’t like ‘em.


16 pages / B&W  
Thermographically printed cover
Edition of 80
Nov. 2019