Jon Moritsugu - Terminal USA

Executive produced by James Schamus (former CEO of Focus Features, producer of “Brokeback Mountain” and “Crouching Tiger”) and shot in eyeball-scorching Panavision, this is Moritsugu’s asian freak-out magnum opus that shocked America when it was broadcast on television in the mid-90’s! The director himself plays twins (a drug-dealing bad-ass and a closeted math nerd) in a radically dysfunctional family that completely obliterates the noble myth of the “model minority.”

"Jon Moritsugu turns the American sit-com family on its head with TERMINAL USA, a post-punk, psychedelic picnic brimming with wholesome depravity."
VARIETY, David Rooney, 2-1994

"Funny, anarchic, provocative and exhilarating. Recalling the works of John Waters, Mr. Moritsugu’s films are wild and aggressively alternative without descending into easy nihilism."
NEW YORK TIMES, Mike Hale, 6-17-2015


Random Man Editions presents the first ever VHS reissue of the long out-of-print Terminal USA by legendary underground filmmaker Jon Moritsugu, originally released in 1993. For DVDs please visit Jon's shop .

Released in January 2019
VHS Edition of 100
8-page zine insert
57 minutes


Trailer by C. Spencer Yeh