Various - Holy Yolk Atlas

The songs of frogs, trains and people coalesce into a single stream to form an incomplete soundtrack of the planet. Commonplace sounds recorded in regions typically exoticized become familiar through their mundanity and trance-inducing through their magnification. The wheezing of a slowing bus crawls through your ear canal to become a thunderstorm in Mexico City to become a preacher in Kampala and a washing machine in Berlin. A transportative experience gained otherwise only by staring at a hole in the tree bark for five hours. In these 20 minutes, the world shrinks and you are everywhere. 

Conceived and edited by MB Jones (ex Jee Jee Band). Partly gathered by Jones himself while traveling and partly e-mailed by friends. In the spirit of Folkways Records' field recording anthologies of the 1960s, HOLY YOLK ATLAS was compiled for the right now on fifty yellow cassette tapes. Features recordings from South Korea, Laos, United States, Nepal, Uganda, Mexico, Germany, Cambodia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, China and Egypt. 


Edition of 50 
20 minutes
cassingle-style sleeves / yellow shells